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Empowering Safer Communities, Fostering Happier Families, Building a Stronger Nation.

Empowering Communities with the Promise of Citizen Safety

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Our mission is to connect conscientious citizens throughout the country, equipping individuals, business leaders, and government officials with innovative solutions that align with our definition of mission success:

  • Safer Streets

  • Happy Families

  • A Stronger Nation



Our educational outreach aims to provide expert-designed training and resources for concerned citizens, first responders, at-risk youth, legal professionals, and community leaders. Through this initiative, we hope to enhance their skills and knowledge, equipping them for the challenges they face in their communities.



We strive to collaborate and deeply value the support of organizations such as the Illinois State Crime Commission / Police Athletic League of Illinois, Safe Suburbs USA, like-focused groups, concerned citizens, and both public and private sector leaders. Together, we aim to address critical community needs with precision, professionalism, and a shared commitment to making a difference.



Leveraging the power of relationships together with the promise of big data, analytics and cutting edge technologies supporting mission success. 

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National membership drive. Providing access to tools, information, discounts, licensed products and services supporting site members and missions success.

Proposed Membership Benefits

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Exclusive Updates

Stay Informed

Advocacy & Influence


Recognition & Awards


Building Safer, Stronger Communities Together

In today's climate, where the safety of our communities feels increasingly uncertain, there's never been a more crucial time for action. At CRIMECOMMISSION.US, we understand the pivotal role that community-led initiatives like crime commissions have played in the fabric of American society.  Organizations, like the venerable Illinois State Crime Commission / Police Athletic League of Illinois, have long stood as watchdogs, fostering community policing, advocating for justice, and nurturing the seeds of hope in our society.

Community action groups have historically been at the forefront of driving positive change. By leveraging the collective power of individuals, we've seen significant strides in promoting safety, justice, and freedom. These efforts are not relics of the past but beacons for the future, guiding us as we adapt these proven strategies to the challenges of a new technological era.

The contributions of citizen-led initiatives to American society cannot be understated. From training thousands in anti-terrorism techniques to spearheading educational and legislative efforts, these organizations have tirelessly worked to make our communities safer​​​​.

Now, more than ever, it's time for us to come together, irrespective of our backgrounds or beliefs. The need to organize, to stand united in our commitment to a safer, more just society, is paramount. We invite leaders, community members, and all concerned citizens to join us in this vital mission.

Take a Stand, Make a Difference
Your engagement is crucial. Whether you choose to join, start, or support a local Citizens Crime Commission, your involvement can make a tangible difference. Together, we can shape a future where safety and justice are not just ideals but realities for all. Let's work hand in hand to forge a stronger, more secure tomorrow.

This is our call to action. The time is now. Be the change in your community. Join us at CRIMECOMMISSION.US and take the first step towards making our shared vision a reality.

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Your expertise and participation can shape the future of public safety and community well-being.   Let's collaborate.

Thank you for visiting our platform.  Please visit often as this site is presently under active development thanks to the support of concerned citizens like you. 

Top Challenges to U.S. Citizen Safety


Daily Cyber Threat Attempts


Daily U.S. Overdoses 


Daily Domestic Abuse Incidents


Daily U.S. Violent Crimes

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